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Olympus CAMEDIA C-800L retro review

13 Mar 2023 Gordon Laing

Back in 1996, Olympus launched their first consumer digital cameras under the new CAMEDIA brand, including the flagship C-800L. It looked traditional but packed more pixels and memory than most rivals. Here's its story!

Apple QuickTake 100 retro review

02 Mar 2023 Gordon Laing

The Apple QuickTake 100 was arguably the first consumer digital camera, taking VGA colour photos and costing under $1000 when launched in 1994. Join me almost 30 years later as I experience the birth of consumer digital photography!

Sony Cyber-shot DSC F505 retro review

23 Feb 2023 Gordon Laing

Sony's Cyber-shot DSC F505 was one of the most innovative cameras of its day, with a twistable L-shaped body. 24 years after it was launched, I find out if it remains a favourite!

How to photograph fireworks

04 Nov 2022 Gordon Laing

Firework displays can be spectacular but present a number of challenges to capture in-camera. In my simple guide I'll share my tips and techniques for photographing fireworks!

Nikon COOLPIX 950 retro review

14 Oct 2022 Gordon Laing

Back in 1999, Nikon launched not one, but two legendary digital cameras: the D1 DSLR and the COOLPIX 950. In this retro review I try out the 950 23 years later!

Nikon D1 retro review

30 Aug 2022 Gordon Laing

In 1999, Nikon launched the D1, the first DSLR the company entirely designed by itself. 23 years later I take this 2.7 Megapixel classic out for a retro review!

How to backup photos

02 Aug 2022 Gordon Laing

In this article I’ll show you how I backup my photos, videos and other precious files, using a combination of portable drives and cloud storage.

Best lens for a vintage DSLR?

10 May 2022 Gordon Laing

Join me as I track down an ideal lens for Nikon's first DSLR, the D1! I narrowed my choices to a pair of older 35mm models and in this article and video I compare them head-to-head!

Nintendo GameBoy Camera retro review

04 May 2022 Gordon Laing

This retro review is dedicated to arguably the weirdest digital camera of the 90s, and certainly the most fun: it’s time to take a look at the Nintendo GameBoy Camera, 24 years later!

Sony Cyber-shot P1 retro review

30 Mar 2022 Gordon Laing

In the Year 2000, Sony launched the Cyber-shot P1, an impressively compact camera with 3.3 Megapixels and a 3x zoom that neatly folded into the candy-bar-styled body. In 2022 I take it out around Brighton for my latest retro review!

Olympus CAMEDIA C-2000 Z retro review

02 Feb 2022 Gordon Laing

The Olympus C-2000 Z was a compact from 1999, featuring a 3x zoom, 2.1 MP sensor, and fine control over exposure. 23 years later I rescued a neglected sample from an antique shop and in this post will show you why it received rave reviews back in the day!

First 10000 photos are your worst

08 Jan 2022 Gordon Laing

The renowned photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson famously said ‘Your first 10,000 photos are your worst’. Having just gone through my first decade’s worth - over 5000 prints - I’m inclined to agree. In this post I’ll share my journey and what that quote means in the digital World.

Canon PowerShot Pro1 retro review

30 Nov 2021 Gordon Laing

Canon’s PowerShot Pro1 launched in February 2004 as the pinnacle of its fixed-lens prosumer camera series, featuring 8 Megapixels, a flip-out screen, and the first PowerShot lens branded by the red ring of the flagship L-series. 18 years later I take it out for a retro review!

Nikon COOLPIX 300 retro review

07 Nov 2021 Gordon Laing

Launched in 1996, the Nikon COOLPIX 300 was more than just a digital camera. Sure it could capture 0.3 MP images, but also let you jot notes or record voice memos. In this retro review, I tried out the COOLPIX 300, 25 years after its launch!

Sony Mavica MVC FD5 retro review

04 Oct 2021 Gordon Laing

Back in 1997 Sony had a cunning plan: forget expensive cards, built-in memory or non-standard ports, the new Digital MAVICAs would record photos onto standard 3.5in floppies! 24 YEARS later I retro-review the first model!

Sony Cyber-shot S70 retro review

17 Sep 2021 Gordon Laing

In early 2000, Sony launched the Cyber-shot S70, packing the latest 3 Megapixel sensor with a Carl Zeiss-branded zoom and a wealth of features at a price that undercut most rivals. It became my first digital camera and 21 years later I've powered-it up for my latest retro review!

Canon PowerShot G1 retro review

23 Jul 2021 Gordon Laing

In October 2000, Canon launched the PowerShot G1, the first in a series of hugely popular cameras aimed at enthusiasts that continues over two decades later. Find out the story behind it 21 years later!

Nikon COOLPIX 100 retro review

02 Jul 2021 Gordon Laing

In 1996 Nikon entered the consumer digital camera market with the COOLPIX 100. It cost $500, had one third of a Megapixel and was built-into an industry-standard PCMCIA card, so you could simply slot the camera into a compatible laptop. 25 years later I review it once more!

Canon PowerShot Pro90 IS retro review

11 Jun 2021 Gordon Laing

The Canon PowerShot Pro90 IS was a high-end super-zoom camera launched in 2001, sporting a 10x / 37-370mm equivalent range, and becoming Canon’s first digital camera to include optical image stabilisation! Find out how it performs 20 years later!

Nikon COOLPIX 900 retro review

04 Jun 2021 Gordon Laing

The COOLPIX 900, launched in 1998, was Nikon’s third digital camera, but I’d argue their first aimed at photographers. 1.2 Megapixels, a 3x optical zoom, white balance presets and a cunning split-body, the 900 had it all! Find out why it was one of my favourites in my retro review!

Lunar Eclipse Photography

21 May 2021 Gordon Laing

A Total Lunar Eclipse is one of Nature's most spectacular displays and a great deal easier to photograph than a Solar Eclipse, not to mention more frequent too. In my guide I'll explain how to photograph a lunar eclipse or blood moon!

Canon PowerShot 600 retro review

20 May 2021 Gordon Laing

The PowerShot 600 was Canon’s first consumer digital camera, launched in 1996 and sporting a fixed 50mm equivalent lens, PC Card storage and half a Megapixel. In this episode of Dino Bytes, I’ll see how the PowerShot 600 compared to rivals at the time and how it performs 25 years later!

Sony DSC F1 retro review

09 May 2021 Gordon Laing

Sony launched its first consumer digital camera, the DSC-F1 in 1996. It boasted 0.3 Megapixels, 4 MB of built-in memory and a lens housing that rotated 180 degrees for comfortable waist-level shooting or selfies. Find out how it all began in my retro review!

Canon EOS R5 fw v1.3 update

30 Mar 2021 Gordon Laing

In March 2021, Canon released new firmware for the Canon EOS R5, R6 and 1Dx Mark III which brings a selection of updates. In this article and video I'll show you what's new!

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