Highly Recommended awardIn Camera is a photography book by Cameralabs Editor, Gordon Laing. It celebrates the art of JPEG photography with 100 of his travel images, all presented out-of-camera. No filter, no Photoshop, just pure photography! Each photo is accompanied by behind the scenes details, techniques and settings. Everything you need to shoot confidently in-camera! A great gift for beginner or advanced photographers!

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In Camera book – perfect photos out-of-camera

A hardback book by Gordon Laing

Buy a copy of In Camera by Gordon Laing at Amazon.

Some people say you need to master Manual to be a proper photographer. Some say you must shoot in RAW to be taken seriously. Some say you need a big camera to take great photos or you’re just messing around. Me? I say nonsense to all of that, and in my book ‘In Camera’ I’ll show you why.

The 100 photographs I shot for this book have one thing in common: they’re all JPEGs straight-out-of-camera. Not a single one was modified or manipulated outside of the camera with a computer or mobile app. All 100 were also taken with compact mirrorless cameras, although every single tip and technique can equally be applied to Digital SLRs not to mention many point-and-shoot cameras and phones too.

My philosophy is great photos can be created in-camera at the point of capture. Composing in Live View or reviewing images straight after taking them allow you to check your results and correct your technique in the field – there’s literally no excuse for getting it wrong. If it doesn’t look right, don’t walk away thinking you’ll simply fix it in post. Stick around and try again with a different approach; maybe an alternative angle; how about adjusting the settings; perhaps waiting to see if the light improves. If you’re determined to achieve the desired result in-camera, you’ll hone your technique, perfect your art and save a lot of time. For the majority of the images here, I was sufficiently happy with the result that I copied them from my camera to phone over Wifi and shared them socially moments after taking them. There’s a simplicity and honesty to completing the job on-location that really appeals to me.

Discover the joy of JPEG photography in my hardback book, In Camera, which features 100 shots with the story and technique behind each one. It’s cheaper than one month of Creative Cloud and you’ll also be supporting Cameralabs when you buy a copy!
Buy a copy of In Camera by Gordon Laing at Amazon.







Buy a copy of In Camera by Gordon Laing at Amazon.
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In Camera by Gordon Laing

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